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UX / Ecosystem 2.0


Wireframes; all charts and imagery with full retouching, treatment and responsive testing

UX / Igniting Individual



Full photoshop procurement, retouching, compositing and responsive testing; full charts and interactive data visualization execution

UX / UI Design


Full Ceros interactive animations; end-to-end creation with Illustrator backend setup and preparation

Interactive / Datavizualization

Full portfolio of UX/UI work including data vizualization and original interactive work

Hockey Retouching
Sports Management


All masking, research and development for a sports project which was deployed globally across internal channels within a sports management consultancy. This was also the centerpiece of a major campaign aimed at increasing firm security and risk awareness in an engaging and effective execution.

Verizon /NFL 360 Campaign


Major NFL campaign involving close coordination between two major corporate stakeholders. These multi-channel deliverables involved meticulous retouching and consistency as well as intense focus on client engagement and management over the course of many months of development.

Verizon /NFL 360 Campaign [West Coast]


Coordinating closely with NFL asset deployment and development, my team and I worked tirelessly to finely tune proprietary photoshop files and maintain consistency across broadcast, print, social media, as well as web and in-store deliverables in multiple waves and formats under extremely demanding timelines.

Verizon /NFL 360 Campaign [Central]


Creative concepting, ideation and execution for Major NFL project involving many thought partners, I spear-headed the nuts-and-bolts frontline work here which involved coordinating corporate branding for two major organizations while maintaining consistency across broadcast, print, social media, web and in-store deliverables.

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